Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I love it when a plan comes together! I envisioned this one night in bed and had to actually get up and get my notepad to sketch it out. I have now learned to just leave my notepad by the bed just in case the creative mojo hits in the middle of the night again. Yes, I dream about scrapbooking layouts in my sleep. Do they have an "AA” group for that? "Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am addicted to SCRAPBOOKING!"

Well I created this layout to teach for a Cricut Swarm that my local scrapbook store puts on. To find out more information go to P.S. I Love You Scrapbooking.

I will not be able to share the cutting instructions on this layout at this time, sorry! That's why I am such a TEASER today! But it turned out so cute I just had to share. Happy Scrappin!

Pooh and Friends cuts

Sorry! Once again, life got in the way of my poor little blog! Thank you to my followers and I promise to do better in the future.

Here are the cuts from the "Pooh and Friends" cartridge to complete the layout that I posted, like 2 weeks ago. (I am so sorry!)

Sun, Color-Yellow, Size 3", Use Icon, Shift (grey keys) and hit Row 1, Key 6. For the orange part of the sun, use Icon, hit Row 1, Key 6.
Bee Stripes, Color-yellow, Size 1 1/2", Use Icon, Shift, hit Row 1, Key 2 (discard wings). For his body, color-black, same size, Icon, Row 1, Key 2. For his wings, color-lt. blue, same size, hit Row 1, Key 2 (discard head and stripes).
Worm, Color-yellow, size 1", use Icon, hit Row 1, Key 7. Stripes, color-black, same size, use Icon, Shift, hit Row 1, Key 7.
Grass, CUT 5 OF THESE TOTAL! Color-dk green, size 1 1/2", Icon, hit Row 2, Key 4. Color lt. green, same size, Icon, Shift, hit row, 2, Key 4.

There are all your cuts. I normally inch or use cats eye chalk on all my edges, I just love the way it shades things. I also used wiggle eyes on all the insects. Happy Scrappin!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Garden Goodies - Stretch Your Imagination Cuts

Sorry I missed yesterday. I'm a slacker what can I say!

Here is a list of cuts using the Stretch Your Imagination Cartridge.

Tall Grass and Cricket, use dark green cardstock, size 5 1/2, Shift feature key and hit the grass button (Row 1, Key 7).
Use light green cardstock to cut the layer of this following the same cuts as above.

Birdhouse, use Ivory for base, dark Green for layers, and I hand cut a strip of brown to make a post. All cuts in size 4 and use the "shifted" birdhouse button (Row 4, Key 2)

Say tuned for tomorrow and learn the sizes for the cuts from "Pooh and Friends".

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Garden Goodies - Walk in my Garden Instrucitons

Cuts from the Walk in my Garden Cartridge:
Sunflowers were cut using green, yellow and brown cardstock - Size 5 inch setting on your cricut and the "Border Feature" was used to make this cut. (On your key pad-Row 2, Key 9)

Grass Mound and Small sign were cut using green cardstock - Size 5 1/2 inch setting and the "Dirt" key was hit (On your key pad-Row 3, Key 4)

Brown Dirt mound was cut following the same instructions as the green grass mound. (Discard the small brown sign that will cut.)

Large Sign was cut using brown cardstock - Size 5 1/2 and the Sign Key (Row 3, Key 4)

Use Ivory cardstock and re-cut the above instructions. Cut the top and bottom of the post off and layer onto the sign area of the brown piece you just cut.
Stay tuned for tomorrow and you will recieve all the instrucitons for the items used on the Stretch Your Imagination Cartridge.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Garden Goodies Layout

"Garden Goodies" Layout
I used the Cricut and a combination of cartridges to built this gorgeous garden scene. To complete this layout you will need the following cartridges:
Stretch Your Imagination
Walk In My Garden
Pooh and Friends

I started this layout with a Sky blue cardstock base and then used my curvy cutter to cut the green wavy grass and adhered it to the bottom of the layout.

Stay in touch, tomorrow I will give you the instructions and sizes to complete all of the cuts using the Walk In My Garden Cartridge.

Happy Scrappin!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Look!

Did anyone notice I did a "Fashion Lift" on my Blog? I love the new look! Maybe this will encourage me to post each day now.
Monday will be the day I post a NEW layout and then I will give "HINTS" as to how you can complete the layout on your own each day for the rest of the week. By Friday you will have enough instructions to complete the layout on your own. The next Monday I will post a new layout and a new set of instructions for each day of the next week.
Here is a little peak.