Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pooh and Friends cuts

Sorry! Once again, life got in the way of my poor little blog! Thank you to my followers and I promise to do better in the future.

Here are the cuts from the "Pooh and Friends" cartridge to complete the layout that I posted, like 2 weeks ago. (I am so sorry!)

Sun, Color-Yellow, Size 3", Use Icon, Shift (grey keys) and hit Row 1, Key 6. For the orange part of the sun, use Icon, hit Row 1, Key 6.
Bee Stripes, Color-yellow, Size 1 1/2", Use Icon, Shift, hit Row 1, Key 2 (discard wings). For his body, color-black, same size, Icon, Row 1, Key 2. For his wings, color-lt. blue, same size, hit Row 1, Key 2 (discard head and stripes).
Worm, Color-yellow, size 1", use Icon, hit Row 1, Key 7. Stripes, color-black, same size, use Icon, Shift, hit Row 1, Key 7.
Grass, CUT 5 OF THESE TOTAL! Color-dk green, size 1 1/2", Icon, hit Row 2, Key 4. Color lt. green, same size, Icon, Shift, hit row, 2, Key 4.

There are all your cuts. I normally inch or use cats eye chalk on all my edges, I just love the way it shades things. I also used wiggle eyes on all the insects. Happy Scrappin!

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