Thursday, August 13, 2009

Garden Goodies - Stretch Your Imagination Cuts

Sorry I missed yesterday. I'm a slacker what can I say!

Here is a list of cuts using the Stretch Your Imagination Cartridge.

Tall Grass and Cricket, use dark green cardstock, size 5 1/2, Shift feature key and hit the grass button (Row 1, Key 7).
Use light green cardstock to cut the layer of this following the same cuts as above.

Birdhouse, use Ivory for base, dark Green for layers, and I hand cut a strip of brown to make a post. All cuts in size 4 and use the "shifted" birdhouse button (Row 4, Key 2)

Say tuned for tomorrow and learn the sizes for the cuts from "Pooh and Friends".

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  1. thanks for the instructions on how to make this layout. They are very clear and precise. YOu h ave done a beautiful job on your layouts. Cant wait to see more of them!!!!