Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Garden Goodies - Walk in my Garden Instrucitons

Cuts from the Walk in my Garden Cartridge:
Sunflowers were cut using green, yellow and brown cardstock - Size 5 inch setting on your cricut and the "Border Feature" was used to make this cut. (On your key pad-Row 2, Key 9)

Grass Mound and Small sign were cut using green cardstock - Size 5 1/2 inch setting and the "Dirt" key was hit (On your key pad-Row 3, Key 4)

Brown Dirt mound was cut following the same instructions as the green grass mound. (Discard the small brown sign that will cut.)

Large Sign was cut using brown cardstock - Size 5 1/2 and the Sign Key (Row 3, Key 4)

Use Ivory cardstock and re-cut the above instructions. Cut the top and bottom of the post off and layer onto the sign area of the brown piece you just cut.
Stay tuned for tomorrow and you will recieve all the instrucitons for the items used on the Stretch Your Imagination Cartridge.

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